How can I find An ebay store near my home. - The eBay ...

[US] [H][PS3]Sly Cooper TiT, Mass Effect Trilogy,[3DS/DS]Pink 3DS XL, SMT DS: Overclocked, [PS3, Vita, 3DS/DS, 360, BluRay]|[W]Purple 3DS, [PS3]Tomb Raider [Vita] MLB the SHow 13 [3DS/DS]Dragon Quest IX, TWEWY [Steam] Resident Evil 6, Dead ISland

An (*) denotes a game I am still playing, haven't played, or less willing to part with.
PS Vita
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[US] [H][PS3]Record of Agarest War 2, list [360]Red Dead Redemption, list [Vita]P4G, list [3DS/DS] Mario Kart 7, list [PS2]list [W][PS3]Tomb Raider, Valkyria Chronicles [Vita]MLB 13, Hot Shots Golf [3DS/DS]SoulSilver, White 2, Tales of the Abyss, Nintendogs [Steam]Tomb Raider

An (*) denotes a game I am still playing, haven't played, or less willing to part with.
XBox 360
PS Vita
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Subreddit Title Brand
videos Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway Jeep
AskReddit Why is Guinness to Ireland as Budweiser is to the U.S.? Budweiser
OldSchoolCool Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford on set of Temple Of Doom in 1983. Ford
OldSchoolCool Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg filming Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1980. Ford
OldSchoolCool Francis Ford Coppola on set of Apocalypse Now in 1978. Ford
AskReddit Delta Airlines or Southwest Airlines and why? Southwest
history The Invasion of America: How the United States Took Over an Eighth of the World Interactive Historical Map United
personalfinance Should I put my savings for future down payments for a house/car in a Vanguard Target Retirement fund? Target
listentothis TUT feat. Michael Da Vinci -- Corner Stories rap 2013 Vinci
Jokes So the United States federal government was going to release a Donald Trump postage stamp... United
Music Second Sight - Secret Sky Stoner Rock Sky
listentothis Sebastian Davidson feat. Bodhi Jones - Under A Clear Black Sky Chill/Indie Pop/Rock 2017 Sky
worldnews Trump travel ban: Targeted nations condemn new US order - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Why can't hollywood get simple weapons mechanics right? Can't they ask someone or even Google it? Google
Documentaries "The Two Escobars" 2010: An ESPN 30 for 30 film about Pablo and Andres Escobar. One a drug kingpin and the other a nationally-loved soccer player, these two Colombians lived in a time when drugs and soccer were too closely intertwined. ESPN
gaming Anyone else really enjoying Lego Worlds? Lego
AskReddit Redditors outside of the United States, what is your honest opinion of what is happening to the United States, do you see major changes? United
space March 7, 1970 – NASA Lights the Sky for Solar Eclipse Sky
funny The closest Jared will ever get to a Subway again. Subway
OldSchoolCool Tsar Nicholas II of Russia left, with his first cousin, King George V of the United Kingdom 1913 United
gifs Guy attempts to show off in his BMW but fails miserably BMW
LifeProTips LPT: If you feel bad about not helping out beggars at streetlights and street corners, buy or ask for as a gift a bunch of $5 McDonald's gift cards to hand out when you see them McDonald's
news Bin Laden family members 'incinerated' in plane crash - BBC News BBC
AskReddit If you were defined by the search results of 'My first time' in Google videos. Who would you be? Google
Showerthoughts I can't believe the term "hung like a Costco hot dog" isn't a thing. Costco
AskReddit You are to fight a prime Mike Tyson in a ring in a weeks time, what is your plan of action? Tyson
AskReddit How do You fix Google Chrome after Discord breaks it? Google
mildlyinteresting While getting McDonald's was behind Mr. Big mack McDonald's
funny Theta Apple Pie Apple
AskReddit If there seems to be a consensus that Facebook sucks, why doesn't everyone switch to Google +? Google
AskReddit If there seems to be a consensus that Facebook sucks, why doesn't everyone switch to Google +? Facebook
pics Newegg's advertisement on Facebook shows boobies Facebook
personalfinance M26 Geico changed my monthly premium from 87$ a month to 321$ a month. Took away all discounts I had previously. Geico
pics Count Dooku never actually died, apparently he moved to Texas and drives a Honda Accord. Honda
television BBC and ITV look to get more US viewers to pay for British TV shows ITV
Showerthoughts Now that Nike is making Hijabs, I'm looking forward to the Adidas Cross and Under Armor Kippah Nike
funny Great to see Google getting behind International Women's Day with their doodle! Google
news Great-grandmother sucker-punched in Walmart bread aisle Walmart
todayilearned TIL that IBM developed a service linked to Watson to apply linguistic analytics and personality theory to gain insights into a person's traits. It will analyze your Twitter account for free. No promises on accuracy. IBM
todayilearned TIL that IBM developed a service linked to Watson to apply linguistic analytics and personality theory to gain insights into a person's traits. It will analyze your Twitter account for free. No promises on accuracy. Twitter
AskReddit People who are ethnic/racial minorities in countries besides the United States, what's that like? United
news Is Subway Chicken Really 50% Filler? Subway
food Misc Waffle House co-founder Joe Rogers Sr. dies at 97 Rogers
AskReddit Whats you favorite Subway combinations/s? Subway
worldnews Australia's summer broke 205 weather records, climate group says - BBC News BBC
food Homemade Orange Blackberry scones with Orange glaze Orange
news Australia's summer broke 205 weather records, climate group says - BBC News BBC
worldnews New Wikileaks documents claim CIA knew of security flaws in Apple & Android software, and kept them secret so they could be used for spying. Apple
gaming Verdun on the Xbox One - Player's Thoughts Xbox
food Homemade Chopped wedge salad with shredded carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, orange slices. Topped with Orange candied walnuts, and a dressing of: orange mandarin vinegar, Fig vinegar, and olive oil. Orange
food Cat cake for my wife's bday. Apple spice with brown sugar buttercream. Bonus: Stormy-cat in the background. I Ate Apple
videos Time-lapse build of a Lego Delorean Lego
AskReddit Serious What exactly is preventing the United States from providing Universal Healthcare? United
funny Tom and Jerry did the Nike Sport Hijab first. Nike
AskReddit Previous was removed for formatting. Travelers of Reddit. If you are stuck in an airport for a long layover no leaving to the city what world airport would it be and why? Travelers
personalfinance Bank of America or Wells Fargo for Student Wells Fargo
AskReddit Read some of the texts or Facebook messages you sent when you were younger. What's the cringiest thing you can find? Facebook
food Misc Tyson Foods CEO: The Future of Food Might Be Meatless Tyson
Showerthoughts Google should've saved Google Drive for self driving cars Google
funny Taco Bell receipt... "Dreams do come true" Bell
pics The Trump administration praised Exxon for expanding and investing in the US - with words apparently taken straight from an Exxon Mobil press release. Mobil
pics The Trump administration praised Exxon for expanding and investing in the US - with words apparently taken straight from an Exxon Mobil press release. Exxon
pics My friend on Facebook shared this pic of his dog in Canada Facebook
funny Is anyone else getting these annoying messages about Microsoft Edge in Windows 10? Microsoft
funny Seen today at CVS in Truckee, CA CVS
listentothis AtomA -- Hole In The Sky Post Metal/Post Rock/Metal Sky
AskReddit Why do you prefer reddit over Facebook or any other social website? Facebook
worldnews Kabul military hospital comes under attack - BBC News BBC
news Price tag of homelessness in Orange County is nearly $300 million, UCI study finds Orange
worldnews South Korea's Lotte Group under attack in China after handing over land to build missile site: Shanghaiist Lotte Group
aww My dog as a Starbucks coffee. Starbucks
AskReddit A zombie apocalypse breaks out and the only place left unraided is the Walgreens next door. Getting the meds is great but what is your Walgreens weapon of choice? Walgreens
pics 2017 Ford GT more pictures in comments Ford
worldnews The United States and North Korea are heading for a collision like "two accelerating trains with neither side willing to give way," Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters Wednesday United
AskReddit People with Small Youtube Channels. Who are you? What type of content do you make? And what makes you special/why should we watch? Youtube
funny Even Google hates this asshole Google
gaming HITMAN Killing Elusive Target with a Flying Hay Bale Target
AskReddit SeriousRetail managers of Reddit. Target cashier shortchanged me $10. Didn't notice till I got home. Went back and the tape proved me right. What happens to the cashier now if his drawer was/wasn't $10 over? Target
Showerthoughts The in store Apple tech support is just like the MVA where you have to wait hours upon hours in line Apple
gaming Does anyone have a spare Xbox 360? Xbox
worldnews Philippines scolds CBS over 'Madam Secretary' teaser CBS
AskReddit How would an Uber and/or multilevel marketing prostitution business work? Uber
todayilearned TIL while it has been described as the world's smallest country or nation, Sealand is not officially recognised by any established sovereign state in spite of Sealand's government's claim that it has been de facto recognised by the United Kingdom and Germany. United
pics Is Nike Launching A Hijab Collection That Muslim Athletes Helped To Develop ? Nike
WritingPrompts WP You find out that the world is a matrix, with Facebook like features. You violated the community standards and will soon be banned for life. You have an idea on how to survive. Facebook
worldnews Budget 2017: Hammond's 'upbeat' message over Brexit future - BBC News BBC
science 'Rock star' Archaeopteryx fossil heads for Japan - BBC News BBC
worldnews Germany warns Turkey over Nazi jibes amid referendum row - BBC News BBC
worldnews Kim Jong-nam death: Mystery video of son emerges - BBC News BBC
worldnews Apple, Samsung and Microsoft react to Wikileaks' CIA dump - BBC News Microsoft
worldnews Apple, Samsung and Microsoft react to Wikileaks' CIA dump - BBC News BBC
Music William Bell - The Three of Me R&B/Soul Bell
videos Red vs. Green fight :A 2007 commercial from the United Arab Emirates UAE for Snickers. United
Showerthoughts Using Google to see if my idea/creation is original or not is like playing Russian Roulette with only one empty chamber. Google
pics Black Ferrari with Golden Wheels on Street Ferrari
gaming Does PS4 Original Support HDMI-with-Ethernet? Does Xbox One S? Xbox
IAmA IamA current Victoria's Secret Bra Specialist AMA! Victoria's Secret
funny Tom and Jerry did the Nike Pro Hijab first. Nike
Futurology Pop.Up - Airbus new urban mobility conecpt Airbus
pics Paris Hilton don't tell me what to do Hilton
AskReddit What are the funniest Youtube channels you recommend? Youtube
worldnews In a global ranking of ‘best countries,’ the United States drops to No. 7 United
worldnews Worldnews worthy; Nestlé Denies that Water is a Fundamental Human Right Nestlé
videos In the spirit of the International Women's Day, here is a video from Nike Turkey with Turkish national athletes. English subtitles are available Nike
gaming Help with Xbox one Xbox
worldnews 'Fake doctor' worked in Australia for 11 years - BBC News BBC
worldnews Brexit rebel Lord Heseltine sacked from government role - BBC News BBC
funny Women Shopping Likes The Attention Perfect Chest in United States Must Watch United
OldSchoolCool 1959 Volkswagen Typ2 Kombi Bus Volkswagen
videos Cash Me Outside Girl Danielle Bregoli's Hacked Twitter Account Video w/ commentary Twitter
pics If you think stepping on a Lego is bad . . . Lego
news Exclusive: Airbus may ditch A380's grand staircase as sales tumble Airbus
worldnews So 'Russian Hackers' Were CIA All Along? Twitter Reacts to WikiLeaks CIA Dump Twitter
TwoXChromosomes Emma Watson isn't alone - I face a 'breast backlash' every day - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting Two different labeled Fanta cans at the supermarket Fanta
UpliftingNews Teenager's sickle cell reversed with world-first therapy - BBC News BBC
videos Testing the Shower Orange Craze Orange
news Bill Giving Charter Schools Rights to Public School Buildings Advances Charter
UpliftingNews German police bring McDonald's meals to custody cells - BBC News McDonald's
UpliftingNews German police bring McDonald's meals to custody cells - BBC News BBC
worldnews German police bring McDonald's meals to custody cells McDonald's
movies A Clockwork Orange 1971 - "Me sucky sucky. Me love you long time" Orange
personalfinance Should I activate the TD Bank Cash Credit Card I just got accepted for? TD
todayilearned TIL that Michelin Stars, awarded to fine restaurants, are indeed awarded by Michelin Tire Co. They started in 1900 to promote restaurants worth traveling to... and therefore increasing tire sales. Michelin
AskReddit What wrong name you've got on your Starbucks cup? Starbucks
movies The X-Men Movie Canon : A Suggestion Canon
movies A Clockwork Orange 1971 - "Me sucky sucky. Me love you too much" 2:30 Orange
television The Night Manager: BBC drama set to return for series two BBC
funny When u forget how to add ribbons in Microsoft Excel 2013 Microsoft
worldnews In a global ranking of 'best countries,' the United States drops to No. 7 United
movies So which is the better superhero movie - Logan or Lego Batman? Lego
AskReddit Your favourite Youtube channel run by traditional celebrities that's not a TV show archive? Youtube
listentothis Indoor Creature -- In Memory of Don Bell Alt. Pop 2017 Bell
pics On international Women's day Nike comes with an early christmas present for muslim women. Nike
AskReddit What's the best food that you can't easily find in the United States? United
todayilearned TIL Niel deGrasse Tyson has 18 honorary doctorates AND is People Magazine's 2000 sexiest astrophysicist!! Tyson
funny Mike Tyson attempts to say "sauce". Tyson
videos Women In Porsche Cayennes - Family Guy Porsche
funny So I was scrolling down Facebook the other day... Facebook
gaming Is there any reason to get an Xbox One in 2017? Xbox
sports Manchester United testing out the rock hard pitch in Rostov for their upcoming match United
worldnews Robbers 'pose as police' in Hollywood style heist at Johannesburg airport - BBC News BBC
funny Tom and Jerry had the Nike Pro Hijab first. Nike
Showerthoughts When Google auto predicts searches, it confirms that there are such things as dumb questions. Google
TwoXChromosomes Sophie Gregoire Trudeau's women's day post 'shameful' - BBC News BBC
news Invasive snakes threaten forests on Pacific island of Guam - BBC News BBC
gaming Some Ford GT40 action with Assetto Corsa real FOV Ford
nottheonion Parents attempt to restore Tri Delta charter Delta
news Couple 'detained in UAE for sex outside marriage' - BBC News BBC
personalfinance Amazon Chase Visa's terrible APR Chase
OldSchoolCool 1967 Ford Mustang GTA Fastback 390 V8 Ford
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's in Freeport, Maine, USA. McDonald's
WritingPrompts WP You wake up one morning to a text message saying "Next target for assassination: The President of the United States." This was clearly sent to a wrong number, but you have nothing going on today so you decide to go ahead and take the mission. United
gadgets Review: Small, slick design makes Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 the PC laptop to beat Dell
listentothis Rex Orange County -- A Song About Being Sad Acoustic / Folk 2016 Orange
movies Rough Night - Red Band Trailer - Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Ilana Glazer, Jillian Bell and Zoe Kravitz Bell
videos Samuel L. Jackson answers Google questions about him Google
television ‘Taboo’ Renewed for Season 2 at FX and BBC One BBC
dataisbeautiful Is anyone able to open this KMZ file into Google Earth or Google Maps? It is a file of climates around the world. Google
AskReddit What are the best real or imagined, past present or future social networking alternatives to Facebook and Reddit? Facebook
Music Father John Misty - Total Entertainment Forever Alternative/Indie Total
AskReddit Where do you see the United States in 20 years? United
pics Daytona motorcycle cops trade Harley-Davidson for Victory The Harleys were replaced this month with Victory Police Motorcycles' Commander I models. Harley-Davidson
aww My little Lego decided she was cold and took matters into her own hands Lego
Jokes Flying Southwest Airlines Southwest
todayilearned TIL Because of a lawsuit, Apple will fix your iPhone 6 Plus for a flat $149 if it qualifies under the "Multi-Touch Repair Program." Apple
AskReddit Reddit, Do you think the Far left and Far Right are going to cause a civil war in the United States and why? United
television How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie BBC
gaming I think No Mans Sky just officially launched. Sky
worldnews ARM chip designer stake 'to be sold by Softbank' - BBC News BBC
Music Clams Casino - Natural electronic Casino
AskReddit Serious What would happen overtime if I replaced water with Pepsi Max? Pepsi
gifs How many rednecks does it take to pull a Jeep from a creek bed? xpost /idiotsincars Jeep
pics This Lego tribute to Star Wars is incredible! X-post, Lego Lego
worldnews International Women's Day: Meet the grannies going to school - BBC News BBC
worldnews Malta's Azure Window collapses into the sea - BBC News BBC
Art 5m 15 Feet At-At Walker for carnival - Germany - eBay for sale : eBay
aww Harry loves his new Lego house Lego
gifs A hermit crab in a Lego house Lego
worldnews Kosovo signaled on Wednesday it would turn its security force into a national army, in plans opposed by its ethnic Serb minority that drew immediate criticism from NATO and the territory's biggest foreign supporter, the United States United
AskReddit Why are dashboard cameras not popular in the United States? United
worldnews UK Budget 2017 summary: Key points at-a-glance - BBC News BBC
funny Everyone watching the Google Cloud Next Conference at this moment x-post /google Google
gaming No Mans Sky meets Rocket League Sky
Showerthoughts I'm at a weird age where I really want to buy Apple Jacks to try to win a free XBox One, but then I read the sugar content, sigh, and put the box back and go get something with bran. Apple
explainlikeimfive ELI5 How for example an Xbox One can emulate Xbox 360 games flawlessly, while the most powerful PCs on the market struggle to accomplish the same task? Xbox
todayilearned TIL: From 1850 to 1871, the railroads received more than 175 million acres of public land – an area more than one tenth of the whole United States United
movies Hugh Jackman Replaces Christian Bale in Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari Biopic Ferrari
worldnews Rabbit hole leads to 700-year-old Knights Templar cave - BBC News BBC
pics When you meet the President of the United States but GangGang is the only thing you know United
nottheonion Lawsuit: Doctor watched procedure on Youtube before surgery Youtube
gaming "Why Isn't The Switch As Powerful As The Xbox One?" I didn't know you could fit the Xbox into a tiny little tablet. Xbox
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Ads for 2017-01-16 (1 / 2)

Subreddit Title Brand
science Conservative politicians are better looking than liberal politicians on average in the United States, Europe, and Australia - and that might create an overall advantage for conservative parties United
listentothis Kodak Cameo - Casino Speedway Vaporwave 2014 Casino
creepy At a da Vinci exhibit Vinci
history What was the Purpose of Goebbels' Total War Speech Total
pics The United States of Wall patching... United
AskReddit Why were you blocked or banned from Facebook ZUCC'd? Facebook
worldnews Trump threatens BMW with border tax on cars built in Mexico BMW
AskReddit Which will come first for the United States, an openly gay president or an atheist president? United
AskReddit What live covers are really good with Youtube links, if possible? Youtube
pics When Google maps is like your drunk friend giving you directions to Taco Bell Google
gaming I thank my Xbox Cortona every time I turn it on. Xbox
worldnews Sherlock no match for Russian Hackers: Twitter erupts as season finale leaked online Twitter
pics WE have a LIVE SHOW on Youtube ! Search for it ! Youtube
videos Melancholy Mac and Cheese by the Melancholy Chef - a slice of musical genius! Submit your recipe requests on his Youtube channel! Youtube
worldnews After Government Threatens Fines, Facebook Will Test Out Fake News Filtering in Germany Facebook
gaming My dad just had his best round in World of Tanks Xbox Edition ever. Xbox
food Homemade Nutella stuffed calzone 14" across with about 1/3 of a Costco sized jar of Nutella inside Costco
Music Holly Kirby - Kiss Chase indie and independent artist with many superb original pieces Chase
pics Restoring Habitat - Upper Back Bay Nature Preserve, Newport Beach, CA Newport
television Gary Barlow's opening number from his new BBC show 'Let It Shine', a new reality talent competition from the UK where contestants compete for a chance to star in their very own West End stage musical. BBC
creepy Another one from the Da Vinci Exhibit Vinci
news Fort McMurray Walmart customers react to charges of selling wildfire-contaminated food Walmart
AskReddit When plugging Wii U to Philips monitor with a HDMI to DVI it doesn't work if unplugging VGA then it will work but is boring to plug and unplug the whole time and already broke like 7 VGA cables have any ideas how to fix this problem? Philips
food Wife's Apple Pithivier, Hand Made Puff Pastry, 3 Hour Apple Butter, and Almond Frangipane Homemade Apple
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell sauce had words on it!!!!! Bell
videos Will it kill me? Will Lexus Pre-Collision System save pedestrian life? Human experiment! Lexus
gifs Lightning Across Sky OC Sky
AskReddit You are president of the United States. What do you do to make America great again? United
AskReddit If you could Google one thing and get results from the year 2040, what would it be? Google
AskReddit Redditors in Hawaii and Alaska: How much higher are your Subway sandwich prices? What else is higher? Subway
Showerthoughts I know Sprint wants me to think having the "Can you here me now?" guy in their stable is impressive, but I find him very disloyal. Sprint
mildlyinteresting OC Found this at a Microsoft Office Bill Gates boi your fruit game weak Microsoft
funny When someone mistakes a 4 thousand dollar Apple computer for a trash can... smh Apple
videos The notes in this Apple EarPod ad are in patterned wrong. Apple
AskReddit You have total control over 5,000 cows, how do you take over the United States? United
sports Up 1 point, you score a TD with 2 minutes to go. Are you going for 1 or 2? TD
AskReddit What is your craziest Walmart story? Walmart
funny After seeing the post about Google saving my voice commands, I decided to go through my history... Google
AskReddit Car lovers/enthusiasts: Which crossover SUV to buy now? Mazda CX5, Toyota Rav 4, Hyundai Tucson, Lexus NX, Kia Sportage, others? Toyota
AskReddit Car lovers/enthusiasts: Which crossover SUV to buy now? Mazda CX5, Toyota Rav 4, Hyundai Tucson, Lexus NX, Kia Sportage, others? Hyundai
AskReddit Car lovers/enthusiasts: Which crossover SUV to buy now? Mazda CX5, Toyota Rav 4, Hyundai Tucson, Lexus NX, Kia Sportage, others? Lexus
AskReddit Car lovers/enthusiasts: Which crossover SUV to buy now? Mazda CX5, Toyota Rav 4, Hyundai Tucson, Lexus NX, Kia Sportage, others? Mazda
Showerthoughts Bing should market themselves as the "Porn" search engine that lets you turn off safe search since Google only has a moderate safe search filter with no option to turn off safe search filtering anymore. Google
AskReddit Serious If Starbucks collapsed, where would hipsters hang out? Starbucks
mildlyinteresting A KFC near me went out of business and instead of removing the bucket sign, the next people to lease the store just painted it black. KFC
AskReddit serious why is the United States going to stop using the internet? United
photoshopbattles PsBattle: the rear fascia of the Ford GT Ford
AskReddit What are some phrases or words that can dramatically alter the result of a Google search? Google
worldnews Turkish MPs back new constitution boosting Erdogan's powers - BBC News BBC
gaming Ugghhhh why is it that both Xbox and Nintendo are doing so terrible? Where is the competition for consoles is like they're not even trying anymore. Xbox
IAmA AMA Request Porsche owner Porsche
worldnews Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashes into Kyrgyzstan homes - BBC News BBC
AskReddit With all these motivational quotes making rounds on Facebook these days, what's the dumbest motivational quote you've seen? Facebook
IAmA IamA -Former holiday Macy's Loss Prevention- "Guy in the red shirt" AMA! Macy's
worldnews South Korea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Samsung Group Leader in Bribery Case Samsung Group
worldnews South Korea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Samsung Group Leader in Bribery Case Samsung Group
news South Korea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Samsung Group Leader in Bribery Case Samsung Group
worldnews South Korea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Samsung Group Leader in Bribery Case Samsung Group
news South Korea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Samsung Group Leader in Bribery Case Samsung Group
worldnews South Korea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Samsung Group Leader in Bribery Case Samsung Group
Documentaries Ancient History : The Truth Behind Sky Tombs Revealed Full History Documentary Movies 2017 Sky
WritingPrompts WP It's the year 2495, The Continental War is in full swing between the Commonwealth of Iron, The Canadian Empire, and the Cascadian States against "The State of New York", the Confederacy, The Empire of Mexico and Kentucky. Continental
personalfinance Investigating checking account options to handle online income, and came across an interesting option from Capital One - but it seems a little too good. Any "catch"? Capital One
gaming Does anyone else want subject Delta to come back for bioshock 4? Delta
AskReddit What are your favorite Apple and Android apps? Apple
worldnews Photos show Japanese whaling off Antarctica, group says - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL In 1974 the rumor that the United States Bullion Depository aka Fort Knox was raided or empty was so rampant, officials were pressured to invite Senators and reporters to the only time their vaults were open for civilian inspection and audit. United
funny Is it just me, or are the designers at Toyota becoming more and more disgruntled? Toyota
news The Airbus A380 Is Dead -- Airbus Just Hasn't Admitted It Yet Airbus
funny Phone autocorrected my Google search. Wasn't disappointed. Google
Showerthoughts Thought about opening a new thread on the appropriate /r, but then decided to Google it first. Thank you, Google. Google
mildlyinteresting I asked Google "How much is a teenth" and she indicated that she used to drug dealer. Google
gaming Y'all have been ridiculing Sony lately but they were already planning reconfigurable controllers even before Nintendo announced Switch. Sony
AskReddit If the United States and Russia decided to take on the entirety of Europe, who would win? United
funny I Asked Google Home What The Rock Is Cookin Google
gaming 'Turok' Source Code Will Be Sold on eBay Soon, Thanks to Lucky Warehouse Find eBay
AskReddit Tonight, I deactivated Facebook to purge my life of hatred, drama, gossip and wasted time. Reddit, what/who have you gotten rid of in your life that completely changed you for the better? Facebook
news Turkish cargo plane from Hong Kong crashes into Kyrgyzstan homes - BBC News BBC
movies Hands on with Airmail 1.5, managing Apple Mail, Gmail, and Exchange on iOS Apple
funny Saw this on Facebook and started dying Facebook
movies Some Behind The Scenes Footage of the Chase Scene for Pacific Rim 2 in Brisbane Chase
OldSchoolCool Neil DeGrasse Tyson with the Latin Dance Team at UT in 1985 Tyson
worldnews South Korea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Samsung Group Leader in Bribery Case Samsung Group
worldnews S Korea corruption: Prosecutors to seek arrest warrant for Samsung Chief - BBC News BBC
Jokes I am the new president of United States United
funny The Best Youtube Comment I've Ever Seen Youtube
WritingPrompts WP In an alternate timeline, Britain has successfully conquered the entire world under its rule. Write a story about a person who leads an uprising to create the United States. United
funny The Best Youtube Comment I've Ever Seen Youtube
funny Jesus - 1. Facebook - 0. Facebook
gaming Remmember! Delta Force Black Hawk Down Mission 2016 Delta
worldnews Turkish cargo Boeing 747 crashes in Kyrgyzstan, 32 Dead Boeing
worldnews Tech Giant Tencent Slammed over Simulated Oral Sex Leak Tencent
videos 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111-II - Jay Leno's Garage Mercedes-Benz
gaming Guy plays a version of Portal on an Apple IIe Apple
Music Silver Skies - Sky Island MS No Copyright Sound Sky
videos The Dictator - United Nation Speech United
funny Someone at Google Translate has a sense of humor Google
AskReddit What would be the best thing to tweet if you somehow got into Trumps Twitter account? Twitter
videos Old Honda BigRed quad bike returns from the dead. Honda
nottheonion Tech Giant Tencent Slammed over Simulated Oral Sex Leak Tencent
worldnews Obama on Trump: ‘Don’t underestimate the guy, because he’s going to be 45th president of the United States’ United
worldnews Donald Trump promises to keep his Twitter account as CIA director warns him posts are national security risk Twitter
worldnews Germany hits back at Trump criticism of refugee policy and BMW tariff threat BMW
AskReddit What are the best apps from the Microsoft store? Microsoft
videos Guy recreates Portal for a 40 year old Apple 2 computer Apple
gaming Guy recreates Portal in 2D that plays on a 40 year old Apple 2 computer Apple
OldSchoolCool John Lewis. Played many key roles in the Civil Rights Movement and its actions to end legalized racial segregation in the United States. 1965 United
TwoXChromosomes Tech Giant Tencent Slammed over Simulated Oral Sex Leak Tencent
WritingPrompts EU Students, say hello to our new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher, Professor Howard Philips Lovecraft. Philips
AskReddit What's one movie you would rename if you were using Trump Twitter language? Twitter
AskReddit Serious How would the Scandinavian nations have reacted differently if the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had instead occurred along Scandinavian seashores? BP
television Sherlock finale ratings hit all-time low - BBC News BBC
Music Daryl Hall & KT Tunstall - Out Of Touch live pop rockacoustic KT
worldnews Germany hits back at Trump criticism of refugee policy and BMW tariff threat BMW
gaming Will The Nintendo Switch Kill Off Xbox One ? Xbox
gaming So, how long Xbox One and PS4 are going to last? Xbox
funny Is Pepsi OK? Pepsi
UpliftingNews After years of pressure, United Arab Emirates has passed a law banning people from keeping lions, tigers and other exotic animals as pets. All will be returned to their natural habitat United
news SpaceX returns to flight with Falcon 9 rocket launch - BBC News BBC
television ‘Sherlock’ Season 4 Finale Hits Series Low; BBC Probing Russian Leak BBC
Showerthoughts Using Google Maps is like having a loading bar for your travel. Google
Futurology Metal 3D Printing: Technology of the future for lighter and more compact Renault engines Renault
food Homemade Apple Cinnamon Roses for a Party Apple
Showerthoughts I think Apple created the AirPods as an answer to the always tangling EarPods. Apple
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Problems with the United Kingdom's NHS over recent years United
Futurology Flying car prototype ready by end of 2017, says Airbus CEO Airbus
WritingPrompts WP The automated workforce have decided instead to peacefully protest for their own rights. Here in the largest server farm in the United States marks the first meeting of the National Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. United
television The Night Manager team to adapt another Le Carré spy classic - After success of hit series, BBC is creating first onscreen adaptation of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold since 1965 film. BBC
todayilearned TIL there is a forgotten OS from Microsoft called Microsoft Bob 1995. It was made to be very user friendly and was discontinued less than a year after it's release. Microsoft
gaming Are there any games I can transfer from Xbox to PC if I've bought them on Xbox? Xbox
gaming EDF 4.1 EDF Docking ; EDF
GetMotivated Story A Lowe's Department Store Changed My Attitude on Life Lowe's
askscience How are Cosmologists Able to Estimate the Size of the Total Universe? Total
space Astronomers Discover Something Strange and Beguiling on Pluto's Largest Moon Discover
worldnews After Vatican controversy, McDonald's helps feeds homeless in Rome McDonald's
worldnews Labour urges Theresa May not to rush into trade deal with Donald Trump to avoid being 'swallowed up' - Shadow Foreign Secretary says Britain will be a 'small player' in the negotiations - making it easier for the United States to get its way United
funny My God, Google also searching Google
worldnews Syria conflict: Rebels agree to attend Astana peace talks - BBC News BBC
Jokes If Scotland left the United Kingdom United
gaming Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Xbox One makes me so happy. Xbox
Art "Beloved Bunny", Colored Pencils on Kraft Cardstock,8.5" x 11" Kraft
Showerthoughts I refuse to believe the claim that 'Master Chef' is the most coveted title in the culinary world no matter how much FOX says it. FOX
sports 10 minute time lapse of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium construction, new home of the Atlanta Falcons. Mercedes-Benz
todayilearned TIL that Microsoft Word's domination was sudden. As late as 1995, WordPerfect had more than 50% of the worldwide word-processing market. By 2000 the Microsoft product had 93-95%, even more than Windows's 85% market share. Microsoft
mildlyinteresting If all Lego products were split between everyone in the world, each person would have roughly 75 Legos Lego
OldSchoolCool way cooler than an Apple Store, in the 60s Apple
videos Mike Tyson Pigeon Stories Tyson
personalfinance Help! A Discover credit card acct has been opened in my name and I can't figure out how to report it! Discover
movies Ghost in the Shell 2017 will be PG-13, and will also recive a new trailer this week. Shell
videos Rio Ferdinand's Reaction to Zlatan Ibrahimovic Goal Man United vs Liverpool United
Showerthoughts If a commercial starts off with a stupid random plot, I always just assume it's going to end with, "By switching to Geico you could save 15% or more on car insurance." Geico
gaming Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Xbox 360 Game Xbox
EarthPorn Tie-Dye Sky near Bridgeport, NE OC2048 x 1366 Sky
mildlyinteresting The bee on the "B" of this BMW decal. BMW
space Moon Express raises $20M in Series B, fully funded for Google Lunar X Prize trip to moon Google
pics Mammatus Clouds over Citi Field in Queens, New York Citi
Art I drew Martin Luther King Jr on Adobe Sketch. Adobe
mildlyinteresting A unopened packet of Pan American Airlines Sugar American Airlines
television Sherlock finale ratings hit all-time low - BBC News BBC
funny Taco Bell got me like: Bell
pics I drew Martin Luther King Jr on Adobe Sketch Adobe
todayilearned TIL that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, enrolled at UC Berkeley under the name "Rocky Raccoon Clark". He did so to keep a low profile after his position at Apple gained him a large amount of recognition. See paragraph #4 Apple
Showerthoughts When I do a Google search, I get millions of pages of results but I never go beyond the first page. Google
LifeProTips LPT: If you get your oil changed at a shop, go buy your oil before at a Walmart or auto store. This usually saves $15-$20 per oil change. Walmart
videos PewDiePie roasting people on Yahoo Answers Yahoo
gaming Ben Heck turns Xbox One S into laptop. Xbox
Music Yung Lean - Gatorade rap Gatorade
AskReddit How many times a month do you visit McDonald's ? McDonald's
videos Jay Foreman - My Car Runs On Caterpillar Sick Caterpillar
food I ate Pithivier, with duck, foie gras and ground pork as filling. Orange foam and black truffle shavings. Mind = blown Orange
personalfinance Kohls and UPS lost my order...and now refuse to refund me and expect me to file a police report on their behalf? UPS
gaming Is the Xbox One Elite Controller Worth Buying? Xbox
news Mexico BPM music festival: Gunman opens fire at club - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL Walt Disney Studios illustrated insignias for American units in WWII Walt Disney
AskReddit Reddit, what's the weirdest place you've done a NSFW Google search? Google
AskReddit If you had a chance to be President of the United States but only for 5 minutes what would you do? United
Futurology How Facebook could make telepathic social media possible: The science behind brain-computer interfaces Facebook
videos An older, better simulation of the 300 Spartans vs 10,000 Persians battle Rome 2 Total War Total
WritingPrompts WP You drive the Google Streetview truck. After every drive, you have to stop to review all the pictures that were taken during the drive. After driving through more than half of Florida, you find some interesting photos. Google
AskReddit If Google was a friend of yours that you observed at work, what lesson would you learn from it? Google
gaming Should I get a PS4 or an Xbox One? Xbox
videos Inside McDonald's Meat Factories McDonald's
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does Lego mass produce all the sets with the exact number of required pieces in the box, often separated into individual plastic baggies? Lego
funny Hampton United Methodist Church's sign. United
AskReddit What lesson can you learn from analyzing how Google functions? Google
pics A hidden door for a pub behind Coca-Cola machine Coca-Cola
funny Someone at Sony just got a raise Sony
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Destroying NOOBS with FULL AUTO PISTOL and INSANE Airsoft ...

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